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2012 OCWP Update (Current)

The Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (OCWP) fulfills a state legislative mandate for the OWRB to provide a general analysis of water supply availability across the state with guidelines for meeting Oklahoma's future water supply needs. The OCWP serves as an indispensible resource for water professionals, state and local officials, and many others to make long-range decisions regarding water planning and investment. The current OCWP (last updated in 2012) includes an Executive Report, 13 Watershed Planning Region reports, and many additional technical study findings and reports. An intensive public participation and policy development process was integral to the development of the 2012 update, resulting in various policy recommendations that are being implemented across the state.


Water for 2060

Conservation, Efficiency, & Reuse

Water Project & Infrastructure Financing

Water Quality & Quantity Monitoring

Water Supply Reliability

Fish & Recreation Flows

Excess & Surplus Flows

Regional Planning

State/Tribal Resolution

Executive Report

OCWP Executive Report

The OCWP Executive Report is a compilation of information produced during the five-year planning period. In addition to background information on water planning and management in Oklahoma, the report includes a statewide assessment of water supplies, future projections of demand, and potential options to alleviate anticipated deficits. The Water Policy Recommendations section presents suggested measures to address Oklahoma's key water issues.

For a free copy of the OCWP Executive Report, contact the OWRB at (405) 530-8800.

Watershed Planning Region Reports

Water supply and demand analysis results, forecasted water supply shortages, potential supply solutions and alternatives, and supporting technical information are presented in 13 watershed planning region reports, which include 82 basin-level summaries.

OCWP Watershed Planning Regions

Lower Arkansas
Lower Washita
Middle Arkansas
Upper Arkansas
West Central

Public Participation & Policy Development

An intensive public participation and policy development process was conducted through a contract with the Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute (OWRRI).

Local Input Meetings held at 42 locations statewide were well-attended and drew a wide variety of public comment on Oklahoma’s priority water issues.

Regional Input Meetings with 340 appointed participants and additional members of the public were held in Oklahoma’s 11 COG regions to identify 10 themes for further evaluation: Balancing Water Supply and Demand, Water Conservation, Water Availability, Surface Water-Groundwater Relationships, Land Use Practices, Water Sales and Transfers, Inter-Governmental Water Resource Management, Inter-Agency Water Resource Management, Stakeholder Involvement and Conflict Management, and Consideration of Local and Regional Issues.

Focusing on the 10 themes, 20 appointed participants met for 3 Planning Workshops to outline recommendations that would satisfactorily address issues, concerns, and suggestions produced during the local and regional public meetings. The resulting recommendations were the focus of a three-day Town Hall meeting, hosted by the Oklahoma Academy.

OCWP Feedback Meetings provided a forum for citizens to review draft findings for both technical evaluations and policy recommendations.

Technical Reports

Technical studies conducted by engineering teams contracted through the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as research studies compiled by various state and federal partners, provided information for development of the executive and regional reports. Statewide supply and demand were forecasted through 2060 utilizing a variety of demographic, economic, and related data.

Supplemental Reports

Additional information gained during the development of the 2012 OCWP Update was provided by OCWP workgroups and documented in various supplemental reports. Other investigations were documented by state and federal agencies, organizations, and special interest groups. These reports provided valuable information about important issues as well as water policy recommendations.

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