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Frequently Asked Questions

AF: acre-foot or acre-feet

AFD: acre-feet per day

AFY: acre-feet per year

BMPs: best management practices

BOD: biochemical oxygen demand

cfs: cubic feet per second

CWAC: Cool Water Aquatic Community

CWSRF: Clean Water State Revolving Fund

DO: dissolved oxygen

DWSRF: Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

EPS: equal proportionate share

FACT: Funding Agency Coordinating Team

gpm: gallons per minute

HLAC: Habitat Limited Aquatic Community

HQW: High Quality Waters

HUC: hydrologic unit code

M&I: municipal and industrial

MAY: maximum annual yield

mgd: million gallons per day

μS/cm: microsiemens per centimeter (see specific conductivity)

mg/L: milligrams per liter

NLW: nutrient-limited watershed

NPS: nonpoint source

NPDES: National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service

NTU: Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (see "Turbidity")

OCWP: Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

ODEQ: Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

O&G: Oil and Gas

ORW: Outstanding Resource Water

OWQS: Oklahoma Water Quality Standards

OWRB: Oklahoma Water Resources Board

PBCR: Primary Body Contact Recreation

pH: hydrogen ion activity

ppm: parts per million

RD: Rural Development

REAP: Rural Economic Action Plan

SBCR: Secondary Body Contact Recreation

SDWIS: Safe Drinking Water Information System

SRF: State Revolving Fund

SSI: Self-Supplied Industrial

SSR: Self-Supplied Residential

SWS: Sensitive Water Supply

TDS: total dissolved solids

TMDL: total maximum daily load

TSI: Trophic State Index

TSS: total suspended solids

USACE: United States Army Corps of Engineers

USEPA: United States Environmental Protection Agency

USGS: United States Geological Survey

WLA: wasteload allocation

WWAC: Warm Water Aquatic Community

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