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Board Meetings

Board packets will be replaced by Board minutes as they become available.


Jan 17 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Feb 21 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Mar 21 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Apr 18 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

May 16 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Jun 20 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Jul 18 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Aug 15 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Sep 19 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Oct 17 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Nov 21 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)

Dec 19 9:30 am OWRB (OKC)


Jan 18 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

Feb 15 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

Mar 15 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

Mar 21 1:00 pm OWRB (OKC) Special Meeting Agenda Minutes

Apr 18 1:30 pm OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

May 17 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

Jun 21 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Minutes

Jul 19 Cancelled

Aug 16 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Sep 20 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Oct 18 9:30 am OWRB (OKC) Agenda Packet

Nov 22 Cancelled  

Dec 8 3:00 pm Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at the Reed Conference Center
5750 Will Rogers Rd
Midwest City, OK 73110
Agenda Minutes

Presentations to the Board

New Financial Assistance Division Programs OWRB Well Drilling and Pump Installation Program Illinois River Watershed Total Phosphorus Criterion Revision The Marketing Evolution of the Financial Assistance Division Illinois River Watershed Study and Implementation OWRB 2020 Proposed Rules, Title 785 Water for 2060 Produced Water & Related Issues Financial Assistance Division Bond Issuance Information Garber-Wellington Proposed Groundwater Basin OWRB Bathymetric Mapping Program Maximum Annual Yield Process Oklahoma's Water Quality Standards Triennial Review Oklahoma's Water Quality Standards OWRB Groundwater Basin Studies OWRB Financial Assistance Funding & Leveraging Strategies OWRB Floodplain Management Program OWRB Dam Safety Program

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