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Monitoring & Assessment

Lakes Monitoring

Lakes monitoring data collected by the OWRB are important indicators for determining compliance with water quality standards, tracking general water quality trends, and identifying pollution problems. Monitoring staff also conduct lake restoration activities and bathymetric mapping to determine lake storage capacity.

Beneficial Use Monitoring Program

Approximately 130 lakes are monitored on a quarterly basis utilizing a five-year rotation schedule, allowing for long-term assessment of beneficial uses and water quality trends. Generally, lakes are sampled at 3-5 stations in order to be representative of the riverine, transitional and lacustrine zones of the waterbody. On many reservoirs, additional sites are monitored, including major arms of the reservoir as appropriate.

BUMP Lake Data

Bathymetric Mapping

The OWRB's bathymetric mapping program utilizes GIS and related technology to provide accurate determinations of current storage capacities in the state's reservoirs. Contour maps are then derived from collected data points and digital lake bottom surface models. Bathymetric maps and data can be found here.

Wetlands Projects

The OWRB is a partner agency of the Oklahoma Wetlands Technical Workgroup (OWTWG), which is led by the Oklahoma Conservation Commission (OCC). As a partner agency the OWRB develops and works on projects that further the goals of Oklahoma’s Wetland Program Plan (WPP) as well as agency goals for surface water programs. ...more

Lake Thunderbird Monitoring and Analysis

The OWRB has worked with the Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy District (COMCD) for more than 20 years to provide water quality monitoring and analysis at Lake Thunderbird, creating a long term dataset to assist the COMCD in making lake management decisions. ...more

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