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1995 Update of the
Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

Update of The Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan 1995 Map showing the 8 OCWP planning districts:Central, East Central, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, Southeast and Southwest

1995 Update of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan


Evolution of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

Oklahoma Water Law and Administration

Overview of Water and Related Resources

  • Part One
    • History of Water Resource Development
    • Water Resources
    • Stream Water
    • Stream Water Quality
    • Groundwater
    • Groundwater Quality
  • Part Two
    • Natural Resource & Socioeconomic Characteristics
    • Climate
    • Geography
    • Geology
    • Minerals
    • Soils
    • Agriculture
    • Wildlife
    • Recreation
    • Archeological and Historic Resources
    • Commerce
    • Population, Employment, Labor and Income

Statewide Water Use Projections

  • Municipal and Industrial Water Use Projections
  • Agricultural Water Use Projections
  • Electric Power Generation Water Use Projections
  • Total Water Use Projections

Evaluation of Surface and Groundwater Supplies

Water-Related Issues and Problems



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