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Frequently Asked Questions

Groundwater & Well Drilling

How do I find out if there is sufficient groundwater available in an area where I am considering purchasing land?

While OWRB staff are unable to predict with absolute certainty whether or not groundwater is available in a specific area, agency hydrologists can utilize available aquifer and water well yield data to assist citizens in identifying the locations most likely to produce sufficient well yields. The OWRB's Groundwater Wells, Standards & Protections in Oklahoma map viewer contains links to reported well logs that are often helpful in determining if an area has successful wells and how much they yield.

Where can I get depth-to-water information on the state's aquifers?

The OWRB's Groundwater Wells, Standards & Protections in Oklahoma map viewer connects to a database of monitoring well data and water well logs that indicate the first zone of water encountered and often depth to water of the associated well. The OWRB's Groundwater Monitoring & Assessment Program (GMAP), initiated in 2013, will greatly increase our understanding of the ambient quality and quantity of Oklahoma's aquifers and their interconnectivity.

How can I find information about water wells located on or near my property?

The OWRB's Groundwater Wells, Standards & Protections in Oklahoma map viewer connects to monitoring well data and the OWRB's water well log database. The logs include information on completion date, depth to water, yield, and related details. Data is often limited for wells constructed prior to 1970.

I need to have a water well drilled. How can I find a reputable well driller in my area?

The OWRB licenses well drillers and pump installers who do business in Oklahoma.

Am I required to locate my water well some minimum distance from my property boundaries?

Distance requirements exist only for wells drilled into those groundwater basins for which the OWRB has determined a maximum annual yield. Current rules state that the spacing distance for those wells (other than domestic) is 1,320 feet from any other authorized well owned by another party. Maximum annual yield studies have been completed on many of Oklahoma's major and minor groundwater basins.

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