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Water Use Reporting

Water use report packets for 2022 have been mailed. Please note that late fees and/or unpaid annual permit fees from 2021 were erroneously labeled as fee year 2022 on the invoice page.

The OWRB mails water use reports to permit holders annually in January. The reports must be completed and returned to the OWRB within the specified time period. Willful failure to complete and return reports with the annual water right administration fee may be considered by the OWRB as nonuse of water under the permit. Timely filing of water use forms and administrative fees will help ensure that a water right is official and on file with the OWRB. Additionally, for temporary groundwater basin permits, submittal of the completed form and fee payment will revalidate the permit for another year. For stream water right holders, the water use reports reflect actual usage as compared to the appropriation amounts, and no reported use within the seven-year sliding scale or applicable schedule of use may be cause for reduction or cancellation of the water right.

Clarifications for Water Use Summary Questionnaire for Irrigation/Agriculture

Please note: Sections B, C, and D on the Water Use Summary Questionnaire for Irrigation/Agriculture, included in your Annual Water Use Report, are VOLUNTARY. You will not lose your water right if you choose not to complete Sections B, C, or D.

Section A (Water Use Calculations/Summary): This section pertains to the table on the Water Use Report that asks for water used in gallons or acre-feet. Irrigation permit holders who track annual water use using calculations in 1a, 1b, or 1c are asked to show their calculations to assist OWRB staff in verifying reported use. If the permit holder uses a different method, this section can be left blank.

Sections B (Self-Supplied Water), C (Crops Grown), and D (Animals Raised): The United States Geological Survey requested additional water use information to synchronize the data collected by the OWRB and make it compatible with information from other states. While optional, this information is an important resource for many organizations, farmers, ranchers, municipalities, rural water districts, and state agencies for managing, utilizing, planning, conserving, and protecting Oklahoma's water resources. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

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